Virtual reality can be a new milestone for real estate industry powered by Intuit

Buying homes can be life’s biggest mile stone. Buyer might look for hundreds of homes before they step in to the perfect one. It can be long and laborious process, even more of them  are out of town buyers” The price of real estate keeps going up consumers gets  more discerning about their choices and the sales wants to present their properties as best possible. Typically real  estate companies use photos & Videos to sale home’s online. But it’s just 2 d experience that’s why real estate companies are investing in virtual reality. Open houses are just couple of hours away but when you have virtual reality they can be open 24 hours a day 7 days in week 365 days in year.Some of these companies go to “Mattport ” for their 3D listing. You may be thinking! what’s “Mattport”who provides you equipment to film 3D your property.

Real estate broker can buy cameras themselves to film their properties. But the editing usually done by the VR company. All you have to just place camera in different rooms around and camera does all the work for you. One third some of real estate listings in south Francisco can be viewed on VR.

But next year they want to make VR the norm in other top markets. VR has changed the game because it adds up third dimension allows viewer to step into the house and look around. Open the door and see all the views form balcony to terrace.

Intuit QuickBooks will be the development for this project since they already have developed an accounting milestone software. Rest future will tell !

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